Our Patio Roof Covers Service

Patio roof covers are a beautiful ornament to anyone’s landscape in Northeast Ohio. PurGreen Group has been in the business of patio roof covers for more than 41 years, and can deliver expert results on-time and on-budget for your peace of mind.

First impressions are everything in a yard, and at PurGreen Group, it’s an art form we’ve mastered. We can help you plan, design, and execute a patio roof cover in a way that addresses your needs and expectations.

Want to stay outside regardless of the weather? Just give PurGreen Group a call. One of our experts are standing by to answer your calls or messages online.

What To Expect From Our Patio Roof Cover Service

You won’t find a company more committed to your patio roof cover than the team at PurGreen Group. The projects we commit to range from massive projects to small-scale lawns, both of which we can address for your peace of mind.

Once you give us a call to chat with an expert, we follow a four-step process:

1. First, we conduct a free consultation over the phone. Then, we have one of our professionals come out to provide a quote. Once we’ve surveyed the area and listened to your dreams and goals, we can talk more about your budget and clarify expectations.

2. PurGreen Group doesn’t believe in nasty surprises, which means we always go the extra mile to help you visualize your project. We use Unilock’s Vision 3D Landscape Creator to design a 3D model of your patio roof cover. If you have any concerns or want to change some details, let us know. We would be happy to accommodate any and all changes prior to installation.

3. Next, we explore potential design options to see what suits your fancy. We present you with popular fixtures from our portfolio to gauge your interest in each design. We then get to work on a preliminary timeline so we can set up a date for breaking ground.

When you’re satisfied with your new 3D design, we can move forward with installation. It won’t be long before you have a patio roof cover ready for entertaining, relaxing, and socializing.

From patio roof covers to hydroseeding to building a new look for your landscape, PurGreen Group can help you create stunning outdoor spaces the whole family can enjoy. Give our team a call today to get started on a free estimate. We look forward to meeting and exceeding expectations to bring your patio dreams to life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Roof Covers

Q: Are patio roof covers stable?

A: Yes. Patio roof covers are extremely stable when installed by a seasoned expert. Whether you opt for metal roofing, asphalt shingling, or something else, you can trust the team at PurGreen Group to have your best interests in mind. You can learn more about our approach to roof cover installation by calling us today.

Q: Why should I install a patio roof cover?

A: Not only are patio roof covers appealing to look at, but they’re also a practical upgrade for your home. First, they serve as protection from the sun so you can enjoy your backyard without getting too much sun. They also protect you from wind and rain without risking exposure to the elements. This means you can host parties, get-togethers, and events regardless of the weather outside.

Q: How long does it take for a patio cover to be installed?

A: This depends on a number of project-specific factors. To come up with an accurate timeline, our professionals need to evaluate current weather conditions, look at the area to cover, and determine the types of materials needed for your patio cover. PurGreen Group can provide you with a preliminary timeline as soon as you schedule a service.

Get Covered For Good With PurGreen Group

Form without function is useless hardware. Function without form is cold and lifeless. PurGreen Group strives for an intricate balance to help you design a patio roof cover that’s beautiful, practical, and personalized. No need to take our word for it — we let our reviews do all the talking.

See how PurGreen Group can create multipurpose function for your backyard paver patio. Call us at (440) 256-1800 or submit an online contact form to design your next patio roof cover.