Our Snow Plowing Services

We rarely think about plowing snow or clearing ice until winter is almost upon us. While this may be acceptable for residential homeowners, it may be expensive or even dangerous for commercial business owners.

Liability hazards for customers and employees are a given in snowy environments. And with Northeast Ohio experiencing 63 inches of snow per year, getting a provider to help with the snow and ice may be an excellent hedge against the ‘what ifs’ of winter.

PurGreen Group is one such provider, offering four decades of experience in the snow plowing industry. We make it easy to defend your business reputation with snow plowing, ice management, and other wintertime landscaping services.

If you need a timely solution to your commercial winter woes, PurGreen Group is the team to call. We invite you to contact (440) 256.1800 to speak with a professional right away. Just want to chat online with us first? You’re welcome to submit an online contact form.

What To Expect From Our Snow Plowing Services

When it comes to keeping your customers safe during winter, traditional snow plowing just doesn’t make sense. You need a way to clear dangerous snow quickly, as well as ways to eliminate ice before it becomes a hazard.

PurGreen Group understands this completely, offering more than 41 years of snowplowing experience to businesses in Northeast Ohio. We serve dozens of cities all over the area with fast-acting treatments, snow removals, and more.

Here’s what you can expect after giving us a call:

1. First, we offer a customized estimate depending on your personal or circumstantial factors. This may include your business location, the size of your area, or the type and frequency of desired services. We may need to visit your property in-person to ensure we’re providing the most accurate quote.

2. Next, we offer a few suggestions and ideas for keeping your property safe during winter. We can brainstorm solutions according to your industry type so you don’t need to worry about missing any bases. You can rely on PurGreen Group to deliver great services and great ideas alike.

3. We offer a flexible payment plan to meet your specific needs. If you don’t want to pay up-front for your services, you can use one of our financing programs to pay on an ongoing basis. Remember: PurGreen Group is dedicated to adaptable snow plowing services that meet your needs.

4. If you’re happy with our service roster, initial quote, and various financing options, we can send over a final snow plowing contract for your review. All you have to do is read the document and add your signature in acknowledgement. Now you can rest easy knowing you’re protected by one of the area’s top providers of commercial snow and ice management.

Interested in learning more about this process? Don’t hesitate to give PurGreen Group a call at (440) 256-1800. We would be happy to provide you with an in-person estimate so you know what to expect before our first date of service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Plowing

Q: How long do your snow plowing services last?

A: Since snow only falls a few months out of the year, PurGreen Group offers competitive snow plowing contracts to make life easier on your business and budget. You can easily schedule a seasonal service or call us directly when you need additional support. Our team is 100% committed to your comfort throughout the winter season.

Q: What sort of equipment do you use for snow plowing?

A: PurGreen Group relies on cutting-edge equipment to remove snow or ice from around your property. In addition to tools for powdery snow drifts, we also own equipment to deal with heavy ice or frozen snow. You’re welcome to check out our FAQs today for more information.

Q: Why pay for a snow plowing service if my city does it for free?

A: Public works departments do not plow private properties, which includes most commercial businesses. Instead, they leave the property owner (that’s you) to resolve any issues with snow or ice.

The team at PurGreen Group can help you remove winter debris from your commercial driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and more. We invite you to give us a call today and learn more about our commercial snowplowing services.

Get A Free Quote For Snow Plowing Services Today!

Whether you’re a commercial business owner or a busy property manager, regular snow plowing is a must to reduce your liability. Partnering with the team at PurGreen Group is the easiest way to protect your property, providing thorough service and ample protection for walking, driving, and more.

You can get your property ready for winter by calling PurGreen Group at (440) 256-1800. Once we discuss the extent of your service, we can offer a custom quote and reserve your place on our roster.