Our Three Season Room Services

You’ve worked hard to get and keep your landscaping beautiful. So why not build a comfortable space where you can enjoy it all year long?

Three season rooms are the perfect way to do this. Kick back and enjoy the blooms during early spring, then relax with a mug of tea as the leaves change colors in fall.

PurGreen Group offers designs for three season rooms throughout Northeast Ohio. Our experts have more than 41 years of experience designing three season rooms the whole family can enjoy.

Let PurGreen Group transform your yard into an accessible space for near year-round entertainment. Contact us online or by phone today to speak with a professional.

What to Expect from Our Three Season Room Services

Northeast Ohio is known for its long winters, along with the occasional bitter spring or unseasonable fall. That’s why a three season room from PurGreen Group can help you maximize your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Here’s what happens once you call our office for info:

1. PurGreen Group begins every service with a no-obligation quote. We also provide an in-person inspection so we can deliver the most accurate estimates possible. We don’t believe in hidden surprises — you should never have to face an unexpected price tag.

2. Next, we compare our estimate to the budget you have to work with. Since we design our processes around à la carte pricing, you have full say over the services you get. First, you choose the amount of construction you want. Then, you let us design a timeline in phases. This allows us to make your dreams accessible and affordable.

3. Technology has transformed the landscaping industry, especially when it comes to 3D design. PurGreen has partnered with Unilock Pavers to re-conceptualize your space in an explorable 3D model. You never have to wonder what your three seasons room will look like — you can preview the design up front and make as many changes as you want.

4. With a new timeline, budget, and design for your three season room, PurGreen Group can begin the installation process as soon as you give the word. We try to set a target date around your specific schedule so we don’t inconvenience your daily routine. Rest assured we work to the best of our ability to streamline this process for you. We also invite you to ask as many questions as you’d like as we complete work around your home.

A three season room is an exciting prospect for any Northeast Ohio homeowner. To get your job done right on-time and on-budget, only the pros at PurGreen Group will do.

You can get started with PurGreen Group today by submitting an online contact form. We look forward to addressing your specific needs and ultimately exceeding your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Three Season Rooms

Q: What’s the purpose and function of a three season room?

A: Three season rooms are indoor-outdoor rooms designed to bring the backyard inside. Sometimes referred to as sun rooms or sun lounges, these bright and airy extensions help trap heat during cooler months.

A good three seasons room can help you entertain guests, protect plants, and enjoy the garden regardless of weather. And despite its somewhat misleading name, you can enjoy your three seasons room all year round. Be sure to install plenty of windows around your space to stay cool and comfy during the summer months.

Q: How much are three season rooms?

A: The complexity of your three season room is what ultimately decides its cost. If you want fire features, windows, or other special features, you may end up paying more than you would with a basic room. Thankfully, PurGreen Group’s a la carte payment system can help you determine the best upgrades for your home.

Q: Why is it called a three season room?

A: Three season rooms are most comfortable from spring to fall. Unless you install insulation to beef up the space, the wintertime may be more chilly. You can always run a space heater or add special features to trap more heat in your room.


Get Three Seasons All Year Round With PurGreen Group

What’s the point of a landscaped yard if you can only enjoy it during some parts of the year? A three seasons room from PurGreen Group can help you maximize your enjoyment while minimizing exposure to the elements.

We invite you to contact PurGreen Group today to set up an initial estimate. We’d be happy to visit your Northeast Ohio home to provide a personalized quote.