Fall has finally come to Northeast Ohio! And we all know what that means: falling leaves, cozy nights, and lovely weather for some outdoor cooking.

If you’re interested in updating your backyard with a custom outdoor kitchen, you can check out the five ideas below to inspire your own design. We’ve rounded up some of the top trending designs of the year — from countertops to kilns — so you can plan the perfect system for your home, yard, and cooking style.

Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: 5 Trending Styles

Ready to build your own outdoor kitchen? All you need is a good idea (or five).

You can start daydreaming about your future outdoor space with these five unique ideas for every type of homeowner.

1. The Fast-Casual

outdoor grill for an outdoor kitchen

If you love cooking for small groups and family members, the fast-casual outdoor kitchen design may be a perfect fit for you. You can see there’s plenty of space to cook out-of-doors for small groups of people, without the overwhelming size of a full kitchen suite (or the expensive costs of additional countertops).

Keep in mind you can mix and match appliances depending on your needs. You may want to replace the refrigerator pictured here for an outdoor sink, or replace the traditional grill with a wood-fired oven.

Speaking of wood-fired ovens. . .


2. The Naturalist

outdoor wood fired oven

A wood-fired oven adds color, refinement, and style to any outdoor space. Not only can you spin up more practical fires for guests, but you can also serve up popular classics like pizza, bread, and fire-roasted vegetables.

This wood-fired oven complements an existing outdoor kitchen in a convenient spot near the house. Chefs have access to everything they need to prep meals, including a small refrigerator and wine cooler. Just be sure to install a long, high-quality flue to prevent unwanted smoke from filling up your entertainment space.

This is especially true if you do a lot of entertaining, as you can see below.


3. The Entertainer

outdoor kitchen and entertaining center

Are you the go-to house for outdoor parties? Do you love hosting family members, block parties, and work functions? The Entertainer outdoor kitchen was built for homeowners just like you, and includes the accompaniments needed for an incredible outdoor meal.

Notice the beautifully matching color palette that blends perfectly into the shared outdoor space. The recessed lighting and clean Unilock pavers bring out the luster of dark-metaled appliances. For cooking purposes, you can see a beautiful wood-burning kiln with space underneath to store seasoned firewood. There’s a traditional grill and ample counter and storage space for all your other cooking needs.


4. The Lovebird

outdoor kitchen with bar and grill

Not everyone has the space (or desire) for larger outdoor kitchens. However, you still want to serve up delicious meals for yourself and your immediate family. This design serves as a perfect solution for a full-set kitchen space, including a smaller entertainment area with an emphasis on beauty, comfort, and cohesion.

The kitchen bar-style countertops lend themselves well to outdoor cooking for two. Since the grill is covered underneath a cozy patio roof cover, you can even cook outdoors during less-than-pleasant weather. High walls, stove pavers, and an iron gate complete the elegant look.


5. The All-Seasons

covered entertaining center with outdoor grill

If you want a smaller outdoor kitchen with a greater emphasis on outdoor entertainment, you can use this three-seasons space to create delicious meals throughout the year. This island-style kitchen is a great middleman between the two, with a built-in fireplace, entertainment area, and space for an outdoor TV.

A built-in oven offers everything you need to whip up delicious dinners with a low-maintenance cleanup. You can bring people together no matter the time of year with a fireplace for comfort and cozy Adirondack chairs.


Design Your Simple Outdoor Kitchen With PurGreen Group

Even a simple outdoor kitchen can become the centerpiece of your yard. You just need an experienced crew to bring it to life — and that’s PurGreen Group. With more than 41 years of experience designing and installing outdoor kitchens, we can help you get the results you want both on time and on budget.

Getting started with PurGreen Group is simple, easy, and free. Once you find an outdoor kitchen idea you want to discuss with our team, just get in touch at (440) 256-1800 to book your in-person estimate. We would be happy to create a 3D model of your future outdoor space and provide you with an estimate of the time, cost, and materials.